What about a salt water system in swimming pool?

What about a salt water system in swimming pool?

Salt water pools, if maintained properly, can be great for your pool as they are better in the smell, feel and taste.

To have a salt water system in your swimming pool, you will need to consider some very initial factors, most important of which is the cost of the salt system. The cost goes from a minimum of 500 dollars to a maximum of 15500 dollars, the cost mainly depends on the size of your pool.

Another point to consider is the energy consumption as well. you will need your pool pump up and running if you want the salt generator to work, also, at the start, you will need a couple or more pounds of salt to properly run the generator. Once it comes up to speed than the salt expensive will become affordable.

You also need to consider the price of the replacement of the salt cell. They need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years, but if your pool is in frequent use then you will need to change it more often. The replacement may cost 500 dollars to 800 dollars.

With a salt system, you will need to take care of other things like the PH level of the pool as well as the calcium level, water hardness and alkalinity of the pool water. A salt system doesn’t rule out pool shocking, you will still have to do that as well. Moreover, the shocking also reduces the lifespan of the salt cells.

If you plan on adding a salt generator to your pool then you will need to make sure all your pool equipment id salt friendly, because a high level of salt can be damaging to your pool gears such as the tiles, ladders

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