The real cost of owning a swimming pool

The real cost of owning a swimming pool

You might think that owning a pool is easy, if you are earning the big buck or if you have a high-end job, but is that really so?

Let’s see what does an actual pool will cost when you bring in all the equipment as well as installment and maintenance cost of the pool.

The total cost of a pool isn’t installing it, but rather maintaining it all around the year. On average the cost goes to a maximum of $5000 if you have a bigger pool and $3000 if you have a smaller pool per year. So even if you make $100,000 a year the cost is too much to bear.

Let’s get a quick overview of the maintenance that is required:

HEATING: $100 alone, is spent on the heating. Accumulated that’s like $1200 for a year. You can also have a solar panel that will heat your pool that will cut the cost to $100 to run the heating pump, a year. The installation of such a system will take $7000 to $9000 in one go, which is a setback.

MAINTENANCE: A weekly maintenance is required at max and at the very least bi monthly maintenance is advised. That means a number of pool equipment’s that will used to clean the pool as well as chemicals to keep it clean between the maintenance. You can always appoint a pool guy if you are too busy. That will again cost you around $30 to $50 a week. You will also take care of any leakages as well as any damage to tiles to lights for the pool.

Salt Water Pools: Saltwater pools are easy to clean, as well as maintain, but the salt water generator costs $5000 at max and they need salt cell replacement every 3 to 5 years as well.


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