Make waves in pristine waters

Make waves in pristine waters

The man has learned to mimic all of God’s creations. What they haven’t learned yet, they are striving to do that in the near future. These innovations have been going on, on such a large scale that, they have now recreated the way ocean works with its massive waves. Mankind will stop at nothing; they want the ocean in their backyards. The obsession has led to many experiments and innovations that now allow you to have a wave machine in your pool.

You can now easily create waves in your pristine pool. But unlike the natural and organic, clean water and waves of the ocean you will have chlorinated blue water, with a fiberglass bottom and organized measured waves.

The waves machinery in your pool will create a ripple effect that will give you small waves. You will have to install a pump below the pool, from which a high leveled speed fan will blow air. The air form that pipe goes into another pipe that will lead to an exhaust dock that is located at the bottom of the volcano.

In the center of this cylinder, you have a butterfly controller; it’s like a large plate/disc with a rotating metallic axis pole. When the pole is swiveled right, the plate/disc settles horizontally which blocks the flow of air. When the pole is swiveled the left, the plate/disc settles in a vertical spot which starts the flow of the air.

With the help of a hydraulic piston the rod goes right and left at timed intervals, and due to these motions, small bursts of air is allowed in the piper through the exhaust port — the air bubbles formed by this rising up and create the ripple or wave effect in the pool.

You can easily get the waves with this system in your backyard pool, but these will be considered small waves, then that of the ocean.

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