How to lower pH in pool

How to lower pH in pool

The pH levels of your pool are very important to be maintained as they can lead to dangerous results if imbalanced. If the pH level of your pool is very high, it will eliminate the effectiveness of the chlorine and throw everything off. There are a few things you can do to lower down the levels of pH in your pool. However, it is crucial to remember that the pH measure of your pool’s water should range between 7.2-7.6.

If the pH levels go unnoticed, the water can turn acidic. Acidic water is extremely dangerous and can cause etching on pool surfaces, and cause irritation in eyes and on the skin as well.

Water with an imbalance in pH levels can cause serious health problems and infections that can be very dangerous for swimmers.

Some ways to identify that your pool’s water’s pH is imbalanced are:

  • Clogged filters and pipes
  • Scaling
  • Skin and eye irritation
  • Cloudy water
  • High chlorine demand

Here are our top picks which are easy to use as well as readily available which will help to lower the pH level of your pool.

Sodium bisulfate

It is a dry acid which is usually available in the form of a fine powder. You have to remember to not use it on windy days. It needs to be carefully used even though it is a milder chemical in comparison with muriatic acid, it still needs caution while using it.

Muriatic acid

It is also known as the hydrochloric acid. It is a popular method to lower down the pH of a pool. It has a lot of commercial uses as well which include dissolving rock, pickling steel and others. It is available in the form of a liquid and can be used in any type of weather. However, it is a strong acid and should be used with extreme caution to avoid contact with any other body part.

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