How to install a suction pool cleaner

How to install a suction pool cleaner
Pool owners must have heard about suction pool cleaner as it is probably the best invention which helps pool owners clean their pool.

Identify the type of cleaner for your pool

There are a lot of varieties of suction pumps available in the market today.  The suction cleaner you should use for your pool should depend on the size of your pool along with the transmission, whether you want to do it manually or let it do its work automatically.

Always hookup your pump

The pump from your pool should be hooked up nearby as the hose connects the pump to the skimmer which is underneath the pool. The skimmer is also called vacuum port and looks like a small bowl area which is attached to your pool and contains water and a basket. The hose form cleaner of the pump will attach to the skimmer.

Cleaning with a suction pump

You have to get into your pool and connect one end of a hose to a suction cleaner. Fill the hose up with water completely and then hook it to the lid of the skimmer. The suction movement from water will allow the cleaner suction by itself. You may want to sit and watch in order to make sure the suction pump is alive and working.

Eliminate any problem

There are many problems that can rise with suction pumps. One of them is that the case when the vacuum is moving slowly, you can check the basket under skimmer’s lid where it is dirty or filled up. Empty it and your suction pump will start working again. You can also check the hose to see if it is working properly if the basket is clean, sometimes the joints give way or there is something stuck in the hose which causes hindrance in the cleaning process.

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