15 easy steps to design swimming pool

15 easy steps to design swimming pool
Designing a swimming pool can be both challenging and fun keeping in mind the budget, space and amount of time one is given. However, below are the 15 easy steps to design swimming pool.

Step 1 – Permit & HOA and Engineering Plans

Firstly you need to acquire the permit which is required for the construction of a pool. All plans should agree with the HOA building agreements as well.

Step 2 – Layout

The layout comes next. It is important to decide which layout you want your pool to have which greatly depends upon the space that you have in your yard.

Step 3 – Excavation

In this step, a pool will be dug according to engineering plans of the pool.

Step 4 – Equipment Set & PLANNING SET

The equipment is essential as it allows you to dig the pool effectively or carve it into the shape that you like your pool to be in. it requires planning to dig your pool.

Step 5 – Structural Steel

It adds the strength to your pool and helps it hold its shape

Step 6 – Electric & Gas

You need to give and install appropriate has and electricity connections around the pool to avoid any inconvenience in future.

Step 7 – City Electrical Inspection

Next, call an expert from your city and let him inspect your wiring in your yard.

Step 8 – Shotcrete

Next, comes shotcrete. It is a block of concrete which is shot through a very high-pressure hose which creates the basic shell for the pool.

Step 9 – Water Features

Next, tiles and water features like the rain decent, deck jets, etc. are installed.

Step 10 – Decking

Next step is decking. There are two options available, concrete or pavers. You can choose according to your preference.

Step 11 – Outdoor Living

In this step, go creative with your outdoor living space around the pool area.

Step 12 – Final City Inspection

In this, a city inspector will come to inspect your pool for the final time and will verify the standards are maintained or not in the construction of a pool.

Step 13 – Final Clean Up

Now remove all the excess material from a site as the pool is cleaned up.

Step 14 – Pool Surface

Next, the pool is finished with Pebbletech which is most popular as it gives a glossy feel to the surface of the pool.

Step 15 – Filling & Start-up

Finally, you can fill in the pool and start splashing around!


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